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56 minutes ago, jperkmr954 said:

I am having issues sharing a note to another user of Evernote. Do I need to have Premium to be able to share a note with someone so both have access to view and edit? I am attempting to do so from desktop not mobile

What problems are you having?
The screenshots are from my Mac.  I click on the Share Button and type is the contact info




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my notes are not syncing in my shared notebook. A fellow Evernote user tried multiple times last night to share notes with me and give me access to see her other notes and I could only see one note out of 100.

Please help

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Same here! I type in the email (tried two different gmails), the "share" button does not change color nor can I share the note or the notebook. I am a basic user. The paid user can share with me as well. I can't see the chats that I've been invited to either. 


I'm on a Macbook Pro 2015 High Sierra OS 10

I've tried it in Chrome and in Safari.

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Good afternoon,


I was wondering whether anyone might have any solution to this issue?


I am trying to share a note on my Windows machine, unfortunatelly unsuccessfully.


When I open the Note and select Share I try to type in a colleague's email address but the Share button then never becomes highlighted. Therefore I can't share.


I am experiencing the same problem when trying to share a Notebook.


I would be very grateful for any help or advice.


Kind Regards,


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