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How do I create a note & add to notebook

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I am new to evernote. I am writing a book and using evernote to do this. My goal is to create a notebook this is the book ptoject, then have the different chapters (as in notes) in the notebook.

My question is how can I create notes for the different chapters of my book and have them inside a notebook? 

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You can create a notebook for the book.
If you identify your device/platform, we can provide specific instructions.
On my Mac, I access the notebook page, and "+ New Notebook"
Create new notes, with the chapter identified in the note title

643920578_ScreenShot2018-10-22at08_38_06.png.a9f4d62dc77ed02b64bbcde51702fb98.png      526629063_ScreenShot2018-10-22at08_40_13.png.3bcbde6879df1bfa9a8fd651f0650e7c.png

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