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(Archived) Bath import google reader stared items to evernote



I am transferring my google reader account to a google aps account, and although my feeds transfer over to the new account, starred items do not.

I have over 500 starred items, and after emailing about 50 or so of them to evernote, I gave up. Takes way to much time.

Is there a quicker way to do this? I would really like to get all of the stared items out of google reader, and into evernote so I can sort them, manage them, etc.

Any advice?


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You shouldn't be using electronics in the bath.

There is the quick Send To > Evernote option in GReader…take a look at that.

I would also stop starring items, and just start defaulting to that Send To Evernote option.

Doesn't help with the backlog, but something to consider.

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If your Starred items are public (or you could use Shared items, or another tag)...

Look for an RSS to Email service. Take the RSS feed from your shared items (or starred, or whatever you choose) - then have the service send those articles to your Evernote email.

Possible side effects (I'm not really sure)

- titled with "Ricks Starred Items" (or something similar, since it's coming from your RSS, not the original).

- added "RSS2Email service" lim (if I ran a service. I would put a link back to my site)

- You need to make something public

If you really don't want anything attached to your name publicly (understandable), you could make a second Google Account - Google now allows Multiple Logins (with a quick-switch functionality) that can be enabled in your Account Settings…so you can use Google Reader for both accounts (or just the "anonymous" new one)…that way you can have the RSS to Email functionality without putting anything publicly attached to your name. If you want more help with that, let me know (probably an email or PM, since this forum is for Evernote).

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