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  1. Thanks for the info.... So are these scan snap scanners the only ones that do this sort of thing? Also you say it makes one pdf...I'd rather have different images for each item in ever note. If I'm scanning 20 different receipts, I'd like them to be treated as 20 different receipts, not one....is there no option to do this?
  2. I think all I really need is a auto document feeder. I have tons of paper to scan. doing it one by one is taking SOOO long. What would you suggest for just a decent scanner with an auto document feeder? I have a nice Canon flatbed scanner, I'm assuming there is no way to add an auto document feeder to a flat bed scanner...? If not, any other ideas where on another scanner? Even an older one? I don't need anything fancy. Just something that will allow me to do more then one page at a time scanning... Thanks!
  3. I have used Neat for years and have the small candy bar type printer. It has been good for what it is, but we are having a baby (I saw we, I mean my wife is having a baby!) and I'm trying to scan thousands of documents, and then shred them. Tax stuff, receipts, legal papers, credit reports, etc... I tried doing that with the small Neat scanner, and it took me about 5 hours to do less then 100 items. I was curious if you guys could suggest a better option. I am an Evernote premium member. I would like to get a scanner that I could put documents in, hit scan, walk away, forget about it. I know the scansnaps are nice, but they are SOOO costly. Are there any other scanning options that aren't as pricy? Perhaps an older model, or some other duplex printer? Also, I"m assuming that the NEAT desk scanner isn't anywhere near as good as the scansnaps. One last thing...I've aways used Everynote for webclippings, but never for personal info like receipts, etc. This is probably a dumb question, but do you think Evernote is a better option then neat? What service has better OCR? (For making the text searchable?) Is this depending on the scanner I buy (the scansnap, the small neat one, the neat desk version, etc) or the software - Neat's software, Evernote's software, etc...or a combo of both? I'm looking for a good digital filing system where I can search doc's, find receipts that I've scanned in, etc. It's not a good idea (i don't think) to use Neat and Evernote in the long run. It's probably better to have have everything in one place. I'm sort of new to this whole paperless office thing, and it's hard to not have "hard copies" of stuff, but it sure feels great getting rid of so much stuff! I'm open to any ideas, suggestions! Thanks!
  4. Curious why you feel this is a better way then simply emailing the article to your evernote address? It's just as fast (you still have to click on "send to", etc..) plus you don't have to deal with a pop-up box every time you send something to evernote... The way you suggest, puts a pop up box up over your browser, or opens up a new window, every-time you send something to evernote...
  5. I have 2 questions. 1. What is the best (quickest) way to get items from google reader to evernote? I've tried the "email to" my evernote email address, I"ve tried to cliper, I've tried clicking on the elephant, I've tried the "send to" evernote option, and I'm still not sure what gives me the full article the best way. (For some strange reason Evernote / reader doesn't always behave the same. Sometimes I'll get the full page article, and sometime's I'll just get a link that says "User name has shared something with you that you may find interesting" - I never know why I get one, or the other. I'm always looking at things in the extended view. I have over 1000 starred items I am trying to VERY QUICKLY go through and email them to evernote. (at least most of them) I'd like to get tags working as well, but .... 2. When I put @, or # in the subject line from google reader, it goes into evernote with just #, or @ in the title. As if it is part of the title, it doesn't bring it in as tags. Any idea what's going on? Basically I'd like to very quickly go through the long list of starred items and get items over to evernote. I'm also interested in finding some good key board short cuts, but I'm not sure what to use. If I could find a quick way to email from list view (with tags) to my evernote email address, and keep quickly going down the list, without every having to take my hands off the keyboard, it'll be very helpful. Does anyone have any info on how I would do this? Thanks.
  6. Ha,ha.. That's longer then simply emailing to your self. You have to deal with the evernote pop up window that comes up every single time. Also, that option still requires you to look at every single item. There simply has to be a way to import a batch of items.
  7. I am transferring my google reader account to a google aps account, and although my feeds transfer over to the new account, starred items do not. I have over 500 starred items, and after emailing about 50 or so of them to evernote, I gave up. Takes way to much time. Is there a quicker way to do this? I would really like to get all of the stared items out of google reader, and into evernote so I can sort them, manage them, etc. Any advice? Thanks!
  8. I use all of the above items, and I am just curious if there is anyone who has found a good flow for managing things you want to archive, or look at later? I subscribe to about 100 feeds on reader and update it all day. I want to quickly go through the junk to get to the good stuff. So I will skim the titles and either star, or send to instapaper things that I want to come back to. Then I will send the keepers to evernote. The problem is I end up with somethings on stared items, and others on instapaper. Just curious if anyone out there has a good system for keeping up with the rapid rss feeds we subscribe to. Just just keeping up, but keeping relevant information you may want to use, or send to someone at a later date. Also up into this point I've been a very low-level evernote user, and I've pretty much just put everything into one notebook. I have tagged some things (golf articles, tech, items of interest, etc) but I'm curious if anyone can help me understand a good system of using tags/notebooks. Thanks!
  9. I tried that for a while, but I skim through thousands of posts a day and every second counts. I couldn't find a way to stop the evernote pop up box from popping up every time I sent an article to it.
  10. I have a neat scanner and have used it for scanning all my docs (receipts, letters, etc). Question, if you are looking to find things easy by searching (for instance a Macy's receipt, or a letter from a insurance company) using spotlight on your Mac what is the best way? Is it better to just keep using the neat scanner and the neat software? Or can I scan with the neat scanner and scan into evernote? What is it that does the character recognition? Is it the scanner, or the software? Meaning what a better scanner give you better CR, or would better software? Thanks!
  11. That's the way I have it. I don't know of another way to do it then that. When you click on "send to EverNote" it pops up another full screen on top of what you are doing. Very annoying. There has to be a work around.
  12. Question, is there a way to send things more quickly to google reader then the 'normal' way? I subscribe to a lot of feeds and want to send items to EN without the window popping up asking me for tags, etc. I'd like to go in later and add the tags. It slows me down having that window open up every time I send something to EN from Google Reader. Any ideas?
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