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strange note I did not create

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I just found a note in my Personal Filing Cabinet Notebook (which is not my default notebook, that is !Inbox for the web clipper, etc) which was created on 9/30 and is titled "(84) Facebook"

The contents of the note appear to be a huge list of my FB messages overlaid with notifications, etc. I did not consciously make this note but I was on FB that day and probably had EN open as well. Any ideas what created this?


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Evernote isn't in the habit of generating random notes from your FB browsing activity - it hasn't in 10 years of activity for me,  anyhow.  You might have hit a key combination,  or the Clipper option by accident,  maybe were trying to clip something else but didn't check the page focus,  or were sending something by email and it got to your Evernote account by accident... 

Can't suggest a specific reason.  Would suggest you keep an eye out for possible repetitions,  but don't otherwise worry about it.

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Yes, I was thinking possibly a key combination.  I wasn't clipping anything while in FB and in fact don't think I clipped anything that day at all from online. I was also wondering about random FB activity, since it was recently hacked again. I don't think my EN is tied to FB login though.

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