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Cannot unlink old device on iOS

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To remove a device from your account:

  1. Log into your account at www.evernote.com
  2. In the upper left menu, click on your account name
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Click on Devices
  5. Click "Revoke Access" for all devices you want to remove from accessing your account, for any reason - sold it, need to get back under 3 for the free account, lost it, etc.
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Thanks.  Be nice if they fixed that in the app.  

Finally got it to work.  But after revoking my iPad access on the web interface (so I could keep phone & Mac), I went back to login with the MacOS app.   It also kept bumping up "Upgrade" notices and wouldn't let me do anything else (let alone revoking anything).  Then went back to web interface and found it was listing / tracking my "MacPro" twice. (Likely because I upgraded the CPU at some point since last using Evernote.)  So I had to then "revoke" the older duplicate "device" as well.

Also, I ran into a problem when launching the MacOS app where it told me I had old data in ~/Library/Application Support/ that couldn't be migrated.  That I should export it with the old App.  (What old app, certainly don't have it anymore.) That wasn't too assuring.  Since it's been years since I've actually used EverNote, I didn't think there was anything too important to lose, so I just "continued" anyway.  Seems most of the old content was there.

I guess the point in belaboring this here is that none of this experience is very assuring for a service whose puprpose is to be elephant-like in retaining memory-data in the cloud.  A pioneer of it all, I realize.  And tactics understandable, desire to make $, I get it.  But it's not helping encourage any desire to want to pony up.

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Well, I think on the apps working it is a catch-22. It cannot log in to remove itself. That is why I always recommend going to the browser. The browser does NOT count as a device for Evernote licensing. It is your free device.

As for the mac apps, I suppose if you had upgraded routinely your notes would have been migrated just fine, but if you had stuff years old and never upgraded those notes, at some point the Mac app quit supporting some old format and cannot read that old stuff. Cannot really blame Evernote for that.

That said - you can download old version here - I am not approving of this site or vouching for it. It just exists. Depending on the version of macOS you have, some of the older versions might not install or work right, and none of them will sync with the cloud. You'd need to progressively upgrade probably a major version at a time to the current 6.x range and then it will sync.

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