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I just signed up for a Premium plan, but reached my Upload Limit in <24 hours?



I am posting my question/problem here because I wasn't able to submit a ticket on the Contact Us page. 

I switched from a Basic account user to a Premium user yesterday. Woohoo! Evernote for Personal Organization, hell yeah! But the next day Evernote already says my 10GB upload limit is maxed out. 

My account dashboard in Android and the Windows Evernote client both say I don't have upload/sync bandwidth left. The graph that shows 99% of 10GB as used, and so little bandwidth is available, that it says I'll have to wait 29 days before I can sync again :( 

I don't think I used all my data in 24 hours. 
I am guessing that the information in the error report was populated from the data that shows what my current account features are, i.e. based on the Premium Plan, and combined that with the information it got from the upload limit error which is actually still pulling data from limits on the Basic Plan. 
What can I do?
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There are so many loyal Evernote users complaining about Evernote's upload limits that I can forsee Evernote becoming completely irrelevant and going out of business this year. In 2019, more and more Evernote competitors are moving towards unlimited uploads and unlimited storage, or at least Terabytes of data for a few dollars a month. I have been using Evernote for eight years now, and I've never run over my 10GB upload limit until this past month. Something has changed in the way Evernote is calculating the limits. Either way, I and many others would be willing to pay a reasonable amount for unlimited Evernote usage.

After eight years of using Evernote, I am considering moving over to OneNote, which has NO upload limits and very inexpensive storage. Many other Evernote users are doing the same. I can't be having to think twice before I upload something I may want to keep.

This is a problem requiring an immediate management solution, not something for a "some day" wish list.

I hope someone will get back to me with a real solution.


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