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Suspected Hacking

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I know that the free version of Evernote limits to syncing on 2 devices, and have always connected to only 2 devices.

A few minutes ago, I tried to access Evernote and was asked to upgrade or unsync some devices. Strange! 
Going into the selection, I saw an IPhone was listed as one of 3 connected devices. I don't have an IPhone and have never used an IPhone. Immediately I disconnected the IPhone device. 

I have reasons to believe that my account was hacked.

Can Evernote investigate?

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Same thing happened to me.  I changed the password now.  Make sure you have done it too.

In Access history, hacker info.

Evernote for iPhone


  • 10/09/2018
(Bac Giang, Vietnam)

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