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(Archived) How do I stop Evernote syncing over the cellphone network?


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Data charges here are horrible so I only want to sync when I have a wifi connection. I used to be able to do this on my iPhone, but I can't find the option on Android. Am I missing something stupid? I'm running the latest beta.


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From menu\settings, Use GPS is to add your current location to the note. If you uncheck Use Network, it shouldn't use Newwork to sync your notes.

Also, you may go to menu\pending notes, and click menu button to select pause upload. So, when you are in Wi-Fi again, you go there again and select resume upload.

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Thanks for the reply. I have tested it and even with that setting unchecked it still instantly uploads the notes. I will pause for now as a workaround, but is this a bug or do I need to uninstall/reinstall/??

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I thought the problem was solved, but it's still uploading on the cellphone data network.

Any ideas?

I am currently using Juice Defender to disable the data APN whenever Evernote is in the foreground currently, but Evernote is still trying to use the data network.

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