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Once Again, Putting Growth Ahead of Paying Customers



Evernote 7.5 for macOS represents the latest step in a years-long, concerted effort to prioritize marketing of Evernote products in the UI over functionality for existing PAYING customers. In this release, icons providing one-click access to key functionality for personal users, such as Note Details and Reminders, has been buried in a "..." menu and replaced with a Share button. I rarely Share a note, but every single time I use Evernote, I use the Note Details to set Creation Dates, URLs and Locations for my notes. Evernote seems to prioritize Sharing—a feature which by design brings them more customers—over providing functionality that existing paying customers value.

I have been a Premium subscriber since the early days, and have put up with the relentless calls to action throughout the UI to share, get friends to use Evernote, use Work Chat, try Evernote for Teams/Business, etc. Meanwhile, very little new functionality has been added to make the product more valuable to me as a personal information management tool. Where's machine learning to streamline note creation and unlock hidden knowledge in my thousands of notes? Isn't 225 million users enough? Please stop sacrificing utility and usability for growth. Meanwhile, this loyal customer is going to take OneNote for a drive.

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