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(Archived) Email html link -- store entire page

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When browsing the web on my BB I often come across pages I want to clip to evernote, but there is no clipper.

Would be great if I could just grab the page address and email that into evernote, and on arrival at evernote the linked web page would be fetched and stored in evernote (i.e. the web page content, not just the emailed link).

The reason I haven't suggested this in the BB forum is that it has wider applicability, not only on other mobile platforms but also on desktop PCs where there is no evernote client / clipper installed.


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I agree a proper clipper for those platforms would be ideal, though I'm not sure how easy it is to achieve.

Also, as mentioned, this would have use on any device (be it mobile or desktop) where a clipper is not installed, even if available for that platform (e.g. at work with restricted ability to install third party stuff).

I have already collected together a bunch of URLs I want to clip into evernote on return to home, but it would be so much better to do this now, while away from home for a time.

And yes it would need some neat way to alert the evernote service to fetch the pages rather than just store the links, but some flag in the email header should do it.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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