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  1. I appreciate the helpful and straightforward reply [aaargh why can't I put in line breaks??].... I can see how the new windows store evernote app would work well on a touch screen, but mine is a plain old (or new) desktop. So I think I'll just uninstall the app and stick with the desktop evernote I know and love. And then I'll try to work out how to switch off this metro type thing in windows 8 and just have the desktop interface. It's driving me mad having two separate UIs and not really know what to do where!
  2. Hi... weird this browser isn't letting me put in a line break so excuse me for this massive paragraph... I'm still trying to get to grips with the windows 8 concept of effectively having two completely separate OSes in one... desktop and metro... so I installed evernote from the evernote website, and carefully copied across my evernote database from my old machine so that I didn't have to sync the whole thing down from the cloud.... worked nicely... then I thought I'd try installing evernote from the MS app store thing... and that seems to be the Metro evernote... what is more when I fire that up, it doesn't read my existing evernote database from the same location as the desktop version, and instead seems to be syncing the whole blessed database back down from the cloud to a separate location locally... I must admit that this is all highly confusing, not evernote's fault but the whole windows 8 thing is confusing... should I use the metro app or the desktop app?? If I like to dip into both, is it possible for them to share the same local database?? Thanks for reading this very long paragraph.
  3. I agree a proper clipper for those platforms would be ideal, though I'm not sure how easy it is to achieve. Also, as mentioned, this would have use on any device (be it mobile or desktop) where a clipper is not installed, even if available for that platform (e.g. at work with restricted ability to install third party stuff). I have already collected together a bunch of URLs I want to clip into evernote on return to home, but it would be so much better to do this now, while away from home for a time. And yes it would need some neat way to alert the evernote service to fetch the pages rather than just store the links, but some flag in the email header should do it. Mike
  4. When browsing the web on my BB I often come across pages I want to clip to evernote, but there is no clipper. Would be great if I could just grab the page address and email that into evernote, and on arrival at evernote the linked web page would be fetched and stored in evernote (i.e. the web page content, not just the emailed link). The reason I haven't suggested this in the BB forum is that it has wider applicability, not only on other mobile platforms but also on desktop PCs where there is no evernote client / clipper installed. Mike
  5. Hmm, so that's it? It's out of the question, both now and ever? Seems like a big limitation. I also had a thread going on this issue (viewtopic.php?f=30&t=12023) and note in that thread that it would be very useful to be able to match a string anywhere. Even if not in a super-fast indexed way... slow will do for me on the odd occasion I really need it. Unless I'm mistaken, though, doesn't google find substrings (in an instant)? Mike
  6. Hi Do you have any comment on the search question: for full flexibility I'd expect it be possible to have the option to search for a word which appears anywhere in the document, not necessarily at the start of word? That way, I can find chrisnash when searching on "nash". As for editing the OCR text layer, I thought perhaps someone would know straight off. I have Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard, but I can't find a way of showing and editing the embedded text information. (edit: think I found it, buried in menu Tools > Advanced Editing > TouchUp Text Tool ... seems like you can then type new stuff in, though it's a shame you can't make it JUST show what is in the text layer so you could see exactly where the mistakes are... unless I've just missed another hidden option.) Thanks, Mike
  7. Yep, I figured that. But for me it would be useful to at least have the option of searching for "nash" anywhere in the words. Because with OCR I know that sometimes a word I'm looking for won't have been OCRed separately to an adjacent word. Any way of doing this through some advanced search option? I'm not seeing this. When I right click on the pdf in evernote, I get a choice of Open, Save, and the Save Searchable is greyed out... this is a pdf OCRed by third party software, not by evernote. There must be a way of editing the original pdf text layer to correct clear cases of incorrected OCR, keeping the text layer attached to the graphic in the pdf? Mike
  8. presumably you have a mechanism in place to detect an attempt to hack in -- at the most basic level by using a known username and trying different passwords in turn? Mike
  9. OK, I have a two scanned pdfs, both OCR'ed so as to have an embedded text layer. Both original documents had the text "CHRIS NASH" within them, but one has been OCR'ed to "CHRISNASH" and the other to "CHRIS NASH". I was trying to locate all "Chris Nash" documents, and was using what I thought was a sensible search term: "nash". However, it became apparent that this only picks up "CHRIS NASH" but not "CHRISNASH". I would hope it would pick up any occurence of "nash" anywhere in the document. On the other hand, searching for "chris" finds both "CHRISNASH" and "CHRIS NASH". I can see that the search logic is to look for any word starting with the search term, but is there any way to search for the search term anywhere within any word in any document? Thanks, Mike P.S. Is there an easy way to edit/correct the embedded OCR text in a pdf, for example to correct "CHRISNASH" to "CHRIS NASH"? I have Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard.
  10. I'd agree that data security is something that evernote should look at more carefully, or at least there should be some more reassuring noises coming from evernote's direction. My guess is that the number of users with 500 MB worth of exclusively non-sensitive information each month is a LOT LOT less than the number of users with 500 MB worth of non-sensitive + sensitive information each month, with clear implications for revenue. Mike
  11. You're right of course. I'm thinking of the good old days with some guy wearing a black outfit and a balaclava smashing into a building and running off with a bit of physical kit. I don't suppose that is the weak point any more. Mike
  12. I guess I was envisaging an arrangement whereby the data actually physically stored on the drives is encrypted, and that automatic decryption would take place some way remote from the drives. Perhaps in a separate room, or even a separate building. That way, some extra degree of sophistication would be required by someone to read the data on the drives -- they would need to know to put the two pieces back together again, and how to do that, in order to get anything useful. So if someone swipes one piece but not the other, they cannot read our data. As you can tell, I'm no security expert but there must be a way of operating a system such as evernote's that has a higher level of security than just putting open data in a locked room. I don't suppose that evernote are able to guarantee physical security to the level of Fort Knox, but there must be relatively simple electronic methods to increase security. The evernote privacy policy does say "Your personal information and data stored in our systems is protected by various physical, electronic and procedural safeguards". Mike
  13. I wasn't suggesting encryption right from the user end. I was suggesting that there is a software security layer at the evernote side, which encrypts our data before committing it to disk, and decrypts it as it comes off. That way, if someone walks away with the evernote disks, they can't do anything with the data. However, this would still allow evernote to index / ocr / etc our data, because the encryption/decryption layer is within the evernote environment -- so we get the benefits of searchability, with some added security. I'm no expert on what TrueCrypt does, but isn't it similar to the above? From their webpage: Encryption is automatic, real-time (on-the-fly) and transparent. I appreciate that someone could also steal the decryption part of the system, but presumably TrueCrypt must offer some degree of protection or nobody would use it... If our data truly is sitting there in its raw, unencrypted format, it does make me a little nervous about storing anything other than tame web clips from internet shopping sites. Mike
  14. It's probably suggested somewhere in the discussion above, but why can't evernote just use truecrypt or equivalent on the data stored at the evernote premises? That way, if anyone did break in and walk away with our data, they wouldn't be able to read it... Mike
  15. Hey, there's this great app I know which might help here: ;-) Mike
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