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Notebook Sync Issue - Premier to Basic Account

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I am having an issue syncing notebooks. A couple of years ago my personal account was changed to a business account - we then cancelled this (about 2 years ago now) due to lack of company-wide use. For some reason the shared notebooks are still appearing in my personal account on my desktop version, but not online. How do I remove them as I can't tell where the files is?




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Hi.  Have you tried signing out of Evernote and then back in?  I'm a little confused about which personal account you're now using - if the original was changed to a business account (which isn't the way it's done;  a business account exists alongside your personal data),  where did the account that you're using now come from,  and how is it seeing files from the old business account? 

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I originally had a personal account (this account). My boss then got a business account and I was mad admin. We then removed business and I was left with my personal account...

Hope this clarifies a lil better

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Hmmn.  If signing out and restarts doesn't work... try right-clicking the notebook name and choosing properties to see if you have this window (don't know if this works,  since I don't have the same products as you)


If so,  UNtick the 'sync this notebook...' box.  The same 'properties' dialogue includes a 'delete' (notebook) option that would be worth a try...

If all that fails,  try contacting Evernote Support

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