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Why CUSTOMIZABLE SUMMARY VIEW is missing in Windows version?!

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On youtube I seen a video where very nice feature were shown - some view where refs to lot of notes can be customized in one summary view.

See here (from 13:48)  - https://youtu.be/z3xlXsBb9Q4?t=829

Here is screenshot with that view - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Rxzc6oe8mZxu50l0kb4wnVCO6W8uizmw

I checked all menu items in my Windows EverNote ( but I not found anything which can be even similar.

So, question is - why such useful feature is missing in latest EverNote for Windows?!

Why free users have much powerfull tools than premium users?! 
What the sense to pay for subscription then?


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You're looking at the Notebook page, listing all the notebooks with note counts.
I can't speak for Windows, but I see a notebook list on all my platforms.         

1541338671_ScreenShot2018-08-14at07_04_40.png.4035d1287416b4b26faa79499e8cfbb0.png        IMG_2498.thumb.jpg.a315721369899fbd49d3fd4d1daa14e4.jpg


>>Why free users have much powerfull tools than premium users?! 
What the sense to pay for subscription then?

Free users have the same tools as Premium users.  They're both running the same application.
There are some limitations on the free accounts; more info at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005157-Which-Evernote-product-is-right-for-me-

The strategy is 

  • Provide new users an introduction to the product
  • Allow new users to use the product fully.  The more they use the product, the greater the conversion rate to a paid account.

Its a "freemium" model, explained here https://www.fastcompany.com/1659121/evernote-ceo-phil-libins-3-steps-freemium-success

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