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Google Team Drive

Neil P

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Evernote's integration with Google Drive is great and is a big factor is introducing Evernote to my GSuite customers. However the GSuite for Business implementation of Google Drive includes Team Drives.  Evernote, even the Business version is unable to access Google Team Drives. This surely needs to be addressed. Team Drive has been here for almost a year now.  What was a selling point of Evernote for Google Business customers is now a negative until this is fixed. Please advise if this is in the future development plans as I cant find any information about it. 


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Hi.  For reasons of not giving competitors something to aim for,  and not raising customer expectations when dealing with multi-platform multi-user software,  few companies are willing to say 'that'll be along shortly'.  You might get a response if you raise this directly with Support,  even if that's only 'on our radar',  but we're only a (mainly) user forum...  sorry.

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