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Copy & Paste - cursor jumps up to a different section

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Hi - I have a problem using copy paste.

The problem is  after pasting the  note shifts downward (sometimes by a lot)  and I have to scroll to find where I just pasted.

My note is long and its frustrating to scroll back down and try to find where I was. 

Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong? 

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On 10/4/2020 at 5:14 AM, Loudi said:

Hi it seems it is a a zomm in zoom out issue

Hi.  I hate those zomms :).  Also long notes.  Even if I'm covering a long issue I'll make separate notes of a screenful or so of text each,  and link the notes together with a standard title or tag.  That's easier with an initial 'template' note which you can duplicate repeatedly to avoid unnecessary typing. Once the notes are complete (or when I get fed up with doing that) I'll search for the common thread to get a list of those notes,  and create a Table of Contents note to link them all together.  If I want to change the order of my notes I can just cut and paste links in the ToC,  and I can edit each note and/ or merge them on completion.

I know that's not an answer to the issue you found,  and it's "only" a work-around - but Evernote (probably) isn't going to change in the next few weeks,  and this is more efficient -and looks more professional- than madly scrolling through notes to edit one paragraph.

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