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Evernote naitive Camera Scanning takes way too long...help

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I used to use evernote for everyting.  A while ago (read a year or two) the camera scanning feature was "updated".  Since then it takes a very long time (5 to 60 seconds) for the camera to focus and come up with a (sometimes!) acceptable picture even on a completely different background.  I have a note 4.  It's not phone because camscanner and tiny scan and others are loads faster with much better results.  Any help appreciated.  I have tried uninstalled and reinstalled evernote and that didn't help. I'm to the point I'll have to leave evernote because of this.  I can's sit in my car for over a minute trying to scan a gas receipt...it's crazy.  Anyone have a solution to this?

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Hi.  I use a Note 4 primarily for taking pictures in Evernote it works fine for me.  Have you looked at the Evernote settings for the camera?  I invoke the camera from a home screen widget unless I'm adding pictures to an existing note.

If you have issues and don't want to use other software,  you could take the picture with the device camera and share/ send the image(s) to Evernote to create a note.

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I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible.  I agree I can do it the way you mentioned.  I am using it primairly to scan documents.  Statements, reciepts and so on.  The document capture feature in evernote used to work great for this.  It seems to be evernote software related.  The quality and time it is taking to capture said items is too long to be practical.  I was hoping I could get it to work natively through the evernote camera capture feature. 

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14 hours ago, Mrice said:

I was hoping I could get it to work natively through the evernote camera capture feature.

Mine works fine through the Evernote camera - do you take automatic or manual pictures?  Click the little square icon at the top right of the screen to toggle between the autofocus/ framing process,  and a manual button like the standard camera app.  (You'd then have to adjust the cropping manually)

I also use the Adobe Scan app which will adjust the perspective, crop an image and save to PDF.  It does seem a lot faster than Evernote on auto (sorry, guys...?)

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thanks for the replies.  What I'm gathering is that it's just SLOW.  Which makes it un useable in this day and age.  I can't take 15 seconds to "scan" a receipt.  I'll have to use something else.  Thanks.  IF I find a solution I'll post back.  

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