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Sorry for the late reply. But the web app seems to be much more modern and clean, especially the sidebar and side panels. It also seems to have some more interesting type-faces to use. I personally get inspired by sexy and clean design so it would be really nice to have while I'm brainstorming ideas in Evernote. 

Other features I think would be cool:

  1. Inline code snippets in addition to code blocks (similar to Slack; just surrounding text in back ticks (`example`). Sometimes you just want to highlight a keyword or small code snippet within a sentence and not add an entire block that takes its own line.
  2. Remove formatting button (similar to gmail), where you can set a default font style and the format remover will change it to the default. It can be a pain in the rear to go through several text blocks and individually style them.

Happy to give more detail if these don't make sense. Besides that your product is awesome! :)


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