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Printing a note trims off characters on the left and right

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Hi ...

Does anyone else experience this?

I clip a web article, using the "simplified article" option, to trim off all the page 'noise', and end up with exactly the note I need in Evernote.  Then, when I come to print the note, 3-4 characters from the left and right-hand edges are trimmed off, making the printed note (mostly) unreadable!

I've put up with the application behaviour for long enough, now I'm just grumpy about it!  And I fully accept the possibility that I'm doing something dumb, so please feel free to point it out!

Thanks ... 

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I have the same problem of trimmed  content on the left & right edges of a clipped, simplified, article. In addition, I used to be able to resize the photos in the article but now I can't grab a corner to resize, and strange things happen if I click on the image.

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