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  1. I've just reported this too (Ticket# 2626319), so hopefully we'll get somewhere.
  2. Hi ... Does anyone else experience this? I clip a web article, using the "simplified article" option, to trim off all the page 'noise', and end up with exactly the note I need in Evernote. Then, when I come to print the note, 3-4 characters from the left and right-hand edges are trimmed off, making the printed note (mostly) unreadable! I've put up with the application behaviour for long enough, now I'm just grumpy about it! And I fully accept the possibility that I'm doing something dumb, so please feel free to point it out! Thanks ...
  3. Is there a bug ID so that we can track the progress of this fix, please? Or do we need to keep posting requests for updates here in the forum?
  4. Given that I've just performed a search in Evernote which has yielded no results When I clear the search thing from the text box and press enter Then the side list view items remain hidden, but are still clickable (see attachment). I've just noticed this behaviour, which only happens if the search string yields no results. Clicking on 'Clear' also doesn't show any items in the side list view. However, as I mentioned, I'm still able to click into the blank space and have the note contents appear on the right, as illustrated. This is happening in Version 7.0.2 (456266 Direct) Editor: 1.38.3824 (68bd1c0)
  5. *Bump* ... Just I've just tested this on 2 other Macs, so I'm confident it's not just me. Has anyone else tried this yet?
  6. It's any type of image. I'm curious, is this happening on the Windows clients, or just Macs? I've watched the same thing happen on a friend's MacBook Air, also running Mountain Lion.
  7. I'm using the Mac client, on Lion when it first happened, but the bug is still present on Mountain Lion. And yes, support walked me through a complete uninstall and reinstall using the http://onnati.net/apptrap/ app.
  8. Hi ... I'm wondering if I'm the only one experiencing this issue. If I highlight an image in a note and then right-click on it, Evernote crashes. If I don't highlight an image in a note and then right-click on it, I sometimes get some options, but Evernote crashes as soon as I select an option. I first noticed this issue back in April 2012, reported it, spent an evening in a chat session with tech support (ticket support number 16051-91435), and had the ticket then closed because the issue wasn't fixed within 14 days. The issue still persists for me and I've lost faith in the product. I don't need whizzy new features when something as fundamental as this doesn't work.
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