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Editor sucks



After being a totally devoted user for years I have finally reached the point where I can no longer accept the poor editing experience EN offers. As a writer, the poor set of functions and lack of basic things like a good outliner, markdown editor, or a decent set of editing tools, slows me down considerably. I am switching my writing to Ulysses and hope that you get this fixed.

If Ulysses got a web clipper, I'd be hard-pressed to stay with EN.

Could you guys *please* make the editor better?

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I value Evernote for it's filing features; but I do use the editor for basic notes.  

I agree the Evernote editor is not a substitute for an app like Ulysses.
Also, the note format (enml) is html based and has limited feature potential.

For serious work I use dedicated editors: Word/Pages for word processing, Excel/Numbers for spreadsheets,  ...

A Note can contain files of any format.  Evernote works well with PDFs, images, and office/iwork documents.

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I completely agree. I just saw Bear for MAC and if I could switch in Windows I would in a heart-beat. I like that Evernote lives in the cloud and is encrypted, but frankly the editing, layout, UX experience and organization is an absolute NIGHTMARE. I have so much trouble keeping track of my notes and making new beautiful notes. It's a horrendous 1990's experience :/

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