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Image order on multi image insert

Margarida Afonso


Have the ability to decide the order by which images are added to a note when adding multiple images.


  • Sort alphabetically
  • Sort by creation date of the images

Ideally have the feature whenever inserting but I understand it may be difficult when using the native send to features of a mobile device.

So an alternative would be to have a default setting.

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I would love to have this feature. Sometimes when inserting multiple images (15+) Evernote sort of randomizes their order, which is a real problem if those images are successive pages of notes or scanned pages from a book or something. An easy way to order or reorder images in a post would make a huge difference.

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Agree. Until Evernote v10 I seemed to be able to copy /paste a series of pictures into a note in Evernote and it kept the right order. (They are pictures from a book so order is important). Now, they get pasted in random order and it's very unproductive to have to rearrange them manually. They are even titled xxxxx-3 of 12, and xxxxx5 of 12 etc and still the order gets scrambled. If I had the ability to sort pages (pictures) by title within the note that would overcome the issue. 

But I'm looking at uninstalling Evernote 10 and returning to old version. Most unhappy with this new version.

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