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(Archived) Approximate Notes Remaining

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I am a premium user and am reviewing the software/service in hopes of making the move from OneNote. In reviewing my Account Info I can see there are maximums imposed for total notes. I am assuming this is for the service life - not on a monthly basis. Am I correct? It will probably be a while before I reach 9,000+ in typed notes, however I can see myself approaching the web clip limit real soon as part of my on-going research. Additionally, when I really embrace EN in my life and business I will quickly max out on the camera phone, audio clips and photos. Any comments or suggestions as I had planned on implementing EN throughout my organization, but am hesitant with this limitation?

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If you're talking about the Account Usage tab, where it shows you "Approximate notes remaining" (strings might be slightly different, I'm using EN 3.1 on Windows), don't worry. I'm assuming that you're using the free version of EN, and all those numbers mean is a rough guess as to how many more *whatevers* you could create until you hit your monthly maximum upload.

So, as a premium user, right now, I could create approximately 3000 web clips before I hit my upload cap for the month. And it is monthly upload that counts, not the total amount of space you're using.

Hope this helps.

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I have a premium account and this month I can upload 250,000 typed notes or 5,000 camera photos.

My Prediction: even though I love Evernote, it's not going to happen (grin)

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