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Web Clipper not working in Safari 11


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Evernote Clipper has stopped working in Safari 11 on the Mac. (Actually it's v. 11.1)  I click the Clipper button and nothing happens. I've had to switch to Chrome to make it work but much prefer to use Safari. Has anyone found a fix for this?

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My apologies to Evernote. The issue was my understanding of how Safari 11.1 worked.

I haven't worked out why but the default window in my Safari is Private. With the Privacy setting checked in the preferences. I was unchecking these setting but the Private Window was still causing the problem. 

By opening a regular window and using the unchecked settings in Privacy the Web Clipper functioned fine. Often I had to refresh the page I was clipping and check in Manage Website Data that the Evernote cookie was present.

I also found that deleting the regular window and re-checking the Privacy setting does not automatically remove all cookies. You need to delete them under Manage Website Data. This gets back to the higher security settings of Safari.



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Guest okramar

I was having the issue with the "enable cookies" pop up box, and no ability to use the web clipper. Fixed it by unchecking "prevent cross-site tracking" in the Safari privacy settings.

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