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  1. wmsolo

    Safari Web Clipper not working in Safari 11

    I'm still getting a hang-up with the Evernote Web Clipper in Safari. I installed and reinstalled. No success. Anyone else found a fix?
  2. wmsolo

    Search Within a Note w/o Scrolling?

    Great! Thanks so much!
  3. I know how to search for a specific word (like "holiday") within all my notes to bring up every note with the word "holiday." However, let's say I find one note I've created that has "holiday" and I want to search for every instance of the word "holiday" within that specific note. I can click on that note and hit search again, and it brings up the first highlighted instance of the word "holiday" in my note. Is there an easier way to do this? Also, is there a function that allows you to move from each highlighted word in that note without having to scroll through the entire note? In other words, is there a feature that allows you to click and it automatically goes to the next highlighted word I'm searching? Hope this makes sense. Thanks a ton!
  4. I keep getting an update for Evernote 6.1 on the App store, which was released on September 1. I installed the update on the release date, but since have had the App store post the update five times! Do I need to keep installing this? Thanks!