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slowed input of search argument for large notebooks

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When inputting a argument into the search field, search commences before complete argument is input.  For notebooks that have many notes (in my notebook that number is over 1,800) this slows down entry to a crawl.  My workaround is to create the entire search outside of Evernote and then "cut and paste" the entire search argument into the search field.  What is needed is a setting that would hold back invoking the search until the entire argument is input and the user leaves the field or presses Enter.

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19 hours ago, TK0047 said:

You can change this under the OPTIONS. Increase the delay to see what will work for you.

Specifically, the "Search as you type delay" option is the one you'll want to tweak. I've forgotten the rules around that, but you might try setting it to 0 to see whether that disables it altogether. Or try an absurdly large number, say, 50000 (50 seconds)...

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