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Trying to merge two notes but merge button is been disabled

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Please help me. I was trying to merge two notes which are duplicates with same data size but when I select them to merge I m facing this problem (you can see the below attachment ) .i am using Mac application not web App.P lease help me out 




Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 8.36.33 PM.jpg

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I'm just guessing but maybe because one of the notes appears to be shared.  Are you sharing the note or is this a note that is being shared with you?  If you are trying to merge a note shared with you, I can see merge not being an option.  If they are duplicates, why not just delete one?

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4 hours ago, abhi0101 said:

Yes. It has been shared with 2 people. But I got instructed to merge them. so I am looking for options. so, shared cannot be merged right?

The merge process, as I understand it (based on the Windows client), entails making a new note,  copying the selected notes in, potentially with separators, and then moving the selected notes to the Trash, leaving only the merge note. If you can't delete a shared note, then evidently you cannot use it in a merge operation.

Workaround: copy / paste.

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