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On my OnePlus5 phone (with Android 8.1) with latest Evernote version (7.17.1) Evernote does not LAUNCH. App loading stops at the "Evernote" start-up screen with the elephant. Does not go further. I have tried clearing Evernote app cache > no help. Internet connection and other apps working OK on my phone.

Evernote is working OK on my account e.g. from Web and Windows clients.


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Thx. Got instructions from Evernote support to un-install and re-install. After that, Evernote started working just fine. Was a temporary hick-up for some weird app-cache (?) issues.

Problem solved, case closed.


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Problem solved
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I have the same problem (Evernote launch failure) occurring on my Kindle Fire HD Gen5. Restarting device does not help nor forced stop/restart.

If I uninstall and reinstall will I loose content?

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