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is still there a backup service that enable you restoring individual notes?

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Evernote has a Note History backup that allows recovery of individual note versions.5ae3ac30e367c_ScreenShot2018-04-27at16_02_30.png.421bb82e8bcfabcece4024f5d92052ea.png
Access to the data is a paid feature; you can subscribe for a single month.
Warning: Access is via the note information page.  If the note is no longer available, you won't be able to acess the backup data.


I use the html export feature (Mac/Win) to back up my data.
Each note is exported to a separate file and can be viewed and recovered individually.
These files contain the note contents and attachments;
metadata is embedded in the html but is ignored in the import.


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You may also want try Backupery for Evernote tool: https://www.backupery.com/products/backupery-for-evernote/

One of the export formats the app provides is ENEX so the notes can be easily imported back if necessary. However, please note, the app gravitates towards to notebook-oriented export rather than individual note-oriented export so if you need to restore a particular note, you have to restore (at least temporary) the whole notebook which contains this note.


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