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Evernote search via Emui 8 general search by Huawei

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I’m trying to find a good notes app that would work with general search in Emui 8 by Huawei, it is a search bar that pops when you swipe down. In the settings it says that Evernote should work , but at least with the basic subscription it doesnt. Could anyone confirm that it works with premium subscription or how else could I make it to work?


thanks a lot!



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Hi.  No clue.  I don;t use either the phones or (apart from Evernote) the software.  I do know that Evernote in Premium doesn't treat searches any differently than Basic,  so I wouldn't suggest you rush out and buy an upgrade.  See whether you can get your current version working.  I'd suggest that your search app provider is probably the best source for possible help...

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