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Simplify but not remove all formatting?

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It seems like I can paste web content in it's original layout, or with no formatting what so ever ... is there a way to have a middle ground (or a tool someone can suggest?)

What I'm looking for was for the headings to still be bolded so they stand out, but have the font and font sizes removed.

[I tried cut and paste, simplify formatting, using the web clipper, routing it through Pocket.  I'm using Evernote on Windows primarily]

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Hi.  Are you using the browser Clipper add-in to create notes?  There will be a 'simplified article' option which does exactly that - you get a (mainly) ad-free standard layout with headings and content. 

Copying and pasting from a web page into Evernote is otherwise difficult - there are so many hidden codes around internet text that Evernote can't reliably just remove the layout instructions and leave the rest.  If you mix more than one clip in the same note it's even worse - the formatting codes will almost certainly be incomplete or corrupted in the paste.

If you right-click in a note you should see both simplify and remove formatting as options,  but again because the codes in your copied text may be incomplete either of those processes may or may not be successful. 

Evernote's editor is rather basic,  so sometimes you may get better results if you copy a web page into a word processor and edit it there,  then copy and paste again into Evernote.

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Thanks for the details.  I often don't use the full page clipping feature, just use the web clipper for parts (otherwise I create a PDF to put into Evernote).  I'll try the full page option and see if it allows me what I want (although I expect it's similar to how I use Pocket)

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