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Fonts / Font Styles



Apple Notes has done a much better job of adding font styles (e.g. Title, Heading, Body, etc.), which I use heavily in my note taking.  Can this be added to Evernote for Mac?  

Also, (and I get this is personal opinion), the fonts look much better in Apple Notes.  So much so, that I am considering letting my Evernote Premium lapse.  The UI (from the actual notes standpoint) does not seem to be keeping up with Apple.

Lastly - when I copy / cut and paste into various other applications, the formatting is messed up from what I had in Evernote.  Right now, I often have to go from Evernote to TextEdit (or similar) to my Mail application (either Apple Mail or Outlook).  Why is this happening?

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I completely agree. I need a styles list in my notes! I've gone to the trouble of downloading the Publico font that Evernote uses for its logos and I use that as a header (because it's a beautiful font) but I have to keep the fonts window open to switch to it! Ridiculous!

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6 minutes ago, Theo1231231 said:

I need a styles list in my notes!

Styles are not supported by the Evernote editor.

A work-around is this third party tool


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