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(Archived) Annoying bug!




I do no know where to post bug reports, so here it is.

Every time I try to sync mac version of evernote I get one or more error popups with the same message: attrValue is required value. And no synchronization performed! Please help.

Thank you in advance, Ivan.

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The attrValue is a required value error interrupts syncing of the Mac client Version 1.10.0 (91023). See screen shot


Notes were syncing OK this morning. At about 11 AM EST one of my Macs on the LAN began failing to sync. At about the same time a PC (Win XP client version 3.5.5) on my LAN displayed a sync error that it said was related to the network or server.

Also at about the same time I had created a new notebook on my PC and moved 56 notes to it from my main notebook. Only 40 of those notes eventually synced to the Macs. Several hours later 3 more notes from the new notebook synced to one Mac. No notes have synced to a second Mac in the hours since the attrValue began appearing.

Since then, the PC client continues to sync. All notes in both notebooks appear in the web client, and in both iPhone and iPad clients.

Hope this detail is helpful fixing this problem.

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