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No notifications settings for reminders?

Guest Ptom


I just started using Evernote to try to keep myself more organized. Before I fully commit myself I started testin some features out, and I’ve noticed that reminders do not come up as notifications. I have an iPhone app and a windows 10 computer and would like the notifications to come up on both when I set reminders on notes. I’ve looked into the notifications settings on my phone and Evernote does not even show in there. 

Phone has been restarted and logged in and out of the app  

Is there no no support for push notifications (banners/badges and pop ups on computer) for this app? Seems kind of useless to have the reminders then...

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1 hour ago, DTLow said:

I'm getting notifications on my iPad.

This links to a one time solution I used


I have tried logging out and restarting but no dice. I’ll try the connecting to reminders method. 

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