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Email Issue

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I have forwarded several emails to my Evernote account without any problems. I sent an email on Sunday, which shows up in my Inbox, but just the title--no content. When I go to Evernote on the web, the note shows the full content, and it also shows on my android. Why won't it show on my PC?

I deleted the note today and resent it, with the same results. I have other mail that I've sent over and it shows correctly.

I am not anywhere near my limit of uploads, or X number of emails per day. There is no attachment on this email, nor any pictures. It's just straight text.



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12 minutes ago, LilAnn said:

Thank you. I thought I was doing something wrong!

You are welcome.  I hope this gets sorted soon, it doesn't happen to me often, but it is a PITA to go to the web to be sure the content is there and to view it.

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