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v7.0.0: Notebook select list unusable without auto-complete



Version 7.0.0 no longer allows the user to click on the Notebook select list, start typing the name of a notebook, and autocomplete / filter matching notebook names. As a user with many notebooks, it now takes me five seconds longer to clip a note because I am forced to scroll through a list of notebooks. This is terrible.

As a user,
When I clip a note
I should be able to focus on the notebook select list
and begin to type the name of a notebook
and see a filtered list of notebooks matching what I type
so that I can select the notebook I want with the keyboard
instead of wasting my time. :)

Attached is a video demonstrating the pre-v7 feature.



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I, too, found this notebook search capability in the web clipper much better in a previous version. The recent change has significantly slowed my research productivity. I would like to see it improved (reverted) as well. 

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The notebook search functionality was restored in the most recent version of the web clipper, as has been reported widely in the forums here. That being said, there's one glitch to the restored functionality, which is that the notebook matching is done in a case-sensitive manner; i.e., if you type "mynotebook" it won't match "MyNotebook". At a guess that's an oversight and will be fixed soon, but I don't know that for sure.

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