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  1. I, too, found this notebook search capability in the web clipper much better in a previous version. The recent change has significantly slowed my research productivity. I would like to see it improved (reverted) as well.
  2. Hello! Thank you to the Evernote team for all of the work they have done! I have been using Evernote for years, and it is very helpful in my research work! I agree with the original poster, oaw: I also miss that functionality in the web clipper for Chrome. I clip quite a few pages when searching PubMed, and I have a lot of different notebooks to organize my research. However, with a recent change, the search functionality when searching for a notebook in the clipper is frustrating to use. I can't just type in any word in the title of a notebook, it must be the *first* word. It is even more frustrating that this search field is case-sensitive. I have a few dozen notebooks, and searching for them in the clipper using a less-stringent search algorithm was a valuable aspect of the clipper. Could you bring it back? Thanks for reading!
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