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(Archived) Location Services



My understanding is that current versions of MacOS have location services, or there are many other services out there that would allow you to determine location by IP address, HotSpot IDs, etc.

It would be really nice if Evernote for the Mac (pc, whatever...) would make use of these to locate notes.

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This request has been made on the forums many times before. I would imagine it is somewhere on Evernote's long to-do list.

Actually, in case engberg reads this (I'm sure you will), you guys should look into HTML5 location services…could help geotag notes created through the web interface in many browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari for now).

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"Bonjour" from France, while listening to the last podcast broadcasted by Evernote joyful colleagues I understood this: the latest Evernote version would allow us to specify directly the location by its name (not by its lat long coordinates). Did I understand well? H2 to achieve this? Thanks

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The current release will display the location by name of the location (e.g. "Marseilles"), rather than the numeric latitude and longitude. We do not yet have a way to specify the location by name, or by map.

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