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Tags Flexibility In iOS



Please consider giving the same flexibility as is in the desktop app, the ability to use TAGS as the primary work area, I know of many Evernote pros that use tags instead of notebooks because of its flexibility to have notes appear in many locations without having to make many copies of the same note. 

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This screen shot is from Mac OS app and to me shows the ideal situation, few notebooks and extensive use of tags that somewhat follows the GTD methodology. I would like to be able to have the option in the iOS app to follow this same flow,  now I have to make extensive use of shortcuts to easily get to my tags, the app is notebook centric and does not afford the same flexibility as the desktop and web apps do to make Evernote work the way each person wants to work. Thanks for consideration in making all instances of Evernote work the same.



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On 2018-03-11 at 3:57 PM, drybone said:

now I have to make extensive use of shortcuts to easily get to my tags,

IOS has a great tag picker feature to filter the note list.A5B51EC8-4CD6-4A8D-8005-34DB86A67329.thumb.jpeg.95d77b40fada9476c06fd818ef7eaa58.jpeg

I wish that the tag hierarchy was represented; I compensate with a naming standard so the tags sort properly

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