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After upgrade to 7.0, search no longer works

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My search index seems to no longer work after the upgrade to 7.0.

This is extremely frustrating, since is is probably the key usecase for using Evernote, at least for me.

Researching this topic I found that in previous version you could rebuild the search index, which I would like to try, but in 7.0 I don't see this option.

I do notice that once I have opened or newly create a note, it does show up in search, so this applies for all older and therefore the majority of my 782 notes.

I'm on the latest 7.0.2 on Mac 10.12.5

Search works flawlessly on my iOS app.

Any help or suggestions much appreciated.

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I had this problem as well.

Thanks DTLow for your suggestion of

  • pressing the option key, then clicking the Help item in the menu, 
  • choosing Troubleshooting ,
  • then Recreate Full Text Search.

It seems to have worked!


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