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Please restore ability to email Local Notes



Hello, I used to be able to email Local Notes from the Evernote for Mac until version 6.13.1.

Please restore this feature. I am not the only one who has noticed this change. It is a hassle having to temporarily convert a local note to a shared/online one, share it via email, and then turn it back to a local note. I also have to remember to empty the trashcan which always retains a copy of the online version of the note, even after I convert it back to "local" status.

I am not an IT expert and may be unaware of some massive technical hurdle, but I find it hard to imagine why there would be any privacy/security issues if the mailing of Local Notes via the server were implemented properly (i.e. the online connection is turned on/off temporarily like a tap, before and after the notes are mailed).

Please, please add this functionality back to the app.

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4 hours ago, evernoteforumQ said:

I find it hard to imagine why there would be any privacy/security issues if the mailing of Local Notes via the server

As you noted, the email function runs at the Evernote server level which does not have access to Local Notebooks.

Most users specifically do not want these notes uploaded to the server

I would use my personal email service

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I realize that my Local Notes have to go through Evernote's server (I cannot imagine how else they would get from my computer to the recipient).

And I don't mind them being uploaded to the server, as long as they are deleted soon thereafter (your quote omitted that part of my previous post). 

I would accept that level of risk in return for the convenience of sending myself copies of local notes quickly, without the rigmarole I  described above, or having to send the content via a separate mail service, which would entail copying and pasting, adding a title, and making sure that the links don't get lost in the formatting process. I just don't want that hassle each time.

If some users don't want to upload their Local Notes to the server for this purpose, I don't see a problem for them. They would still have the option of not using the "email a copy" function.

Restoring the function would not inconvenience those people, and it would increase the convenience for me and the other people who used to benefit from it.

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