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Web Clipper crashes Safari


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Hi there, Web Clipper Addon lets my Safari 11.0.2 on High Sierra 10.13.2 crash completely, I could not even close Safari anymore, not even with force quit. Had to turn off the computer and restart before removing the addon. Any similar experiences? Any solution to the problem?

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Hi.  Don't know if we're just finding a new issue,  or continuing an old one;  but Clipper and Safari have prompted a couple of posts here recently...  best suggestion is to contact the Support team - they're available on https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action if you're a paying customer,  Twitter - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps if not. 

If this is a continuation of an old issue,  you'll get more validation here;  if not, the team need to know about it so they can work out what changed...

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