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[Feature Request] - Search results - Add tag filter menu



I really like the tag filter menu when viewing notebooks. It provides an additional overview of notes, tag-based, and even allows to further filter the list.

Unfortunately, this is a missing function in the search results view.

Please give us that feature as it would really add some more value to the search function.




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I agree, although it was a little confusing looking at screenshots in a different language. 

What you're trying to do is perform a keyword search and then narrow it down to only those that are tagged with a specific tag. As you demonstrate, it's not possible.

I tried a workaround of doing the reverse--selecting a particular tag from the All Notes field and then once these results were returned, going to the Search notes field to narrow it down to a specific keyword. Doesn't work. Once you type keywords into the search field, the tag you selected disappears and Evernote returns a list of all your notes containing that word or phrase, regardless of what tags you have on them.

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