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  1. Exactly! I already deleted various notes because of this. I contacted the support a while ago. But the other end did not understand the issue, even after several emails going back and forth.
  2. Good idea (also for eventual migration purposes in the future). Now I use plain text files (.txt- or .md) and put them on my notes. Great, but there is one impractical aspect: Text files are displayed as attachments with no inline preview. I have to use my mouse to click the preview button to get a sneak peak of the contents, which bothers me. (using the Mac version) Evernote could fix this easily: A simple inline-preview of plain-text files. An added benefit would be rendering support for Markdown-files. Editing happens externally, no problem.
  3. Windows has some options for this since the end of 2016. Is it to come for the Mac version soon?
  4. I do have some problems when editing the tags of multiple notes. Evernote randomly removes my text input. I captured this weird behavior in a gif - see for yourself. Anyone having similar issues?
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