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  1. Exactly! I already deleted various notes because of this. I contacted the support a while ago. But the other end did not understand the issue, even after several emails going back and forth.
  2. The issue is not specific to version 7.2.x, but I get sync errors very frequently at the moment – It bugs me since the sync continues to work a few seconds or minutes later when retrying. What is the reason – Mac-Client or server availability?
  3. Yep, experiencing the same issue. Presentation mode is a PREMIUM feature and has been around for some time. Can't believe Evernote's staff hasn't noticed this issue yet. ?
  4. Good idea (also for eventual migration purposes in the future). Now I use plain text files (.txt- or .md) and put them on my notes. Great, but there is one impractical aspect: Text files are displayed as attachments with no inline preview. I have to use my mouse to click the preview button to get a sneak peak of the contents, which bothers me. (using the Mac version) Evernote could fix this easily: A simple inline-preview of plain-text files. An added benefit would be rendering support for Markdown-files. Editing happens externally, no problem.
  5. Hi, I use the new Web Clipper ( and experience rendering issues in conjunction with the Windows and the Mac App. Evernote Web works fine. When I clip a bookmark it looks as following: Evernote Web Evernote for Mac Evernote for Windows Why do images get distorted in the native apps?
  6. The option is checked on both Macs. Good to know though - Maybe I should disable it on the secondary Mac.
  7. This is still an issue. I do have a Mac that I occasionally use. I synced it last night after a few months time, and my whole favorites section got messed up. Most of my favorites are gone now. The Evernote Sync corrupts the favorites section when sync states differ too much. I think the algorithm needs to some work. But I guess, we can wait a long time, if it ever happens.
  8. Hi, something that I don't like about the Evernote web clipper is the maximum size of its input fields: note title tag Scrolling is a pain in these little input fields! This applies to Safari & Chrome, which I use, and probably all other browsers. Please make those fields grow dynamically.
  9. Windows has some options for this since the end of 2016. Is it to come for the Mac version soon?
  10. I really like the tag filter menu when viewing notebooks. It provides an additional overview of notes, tag-based, and even allows to further filter the list. Unfortunately, this is a missing function in the search results view. Please give us that feature as it would really add some more value to the search function.
  11. >> 2. Preview Function Thanks - I overlooked that functionality, which does not speak for the UI design here! Evernote should redesign this. >> 3. Restore into the original note: I think the current workflow should is one option. The option of restoring a previous version into the original note should be added!
  12. I do have some problems when editing the tags of multiple notes. Evernote randomly removes my text input. I captured this weird behavior in a gif - see for yourself. Anyone having similar issues?
  13. It would be nice to structure the shortcuts sidebar. Things get messy with notes, notebooks, searches all mixed up together. I can think of non-clickable headlines or simple line dividers as structuring elements.
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