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Markdown request

Gracjan Nowak


Evernote has a really long list how users can capture all pieces of information but there is something missing... This is a markdown support. If the markdown support would be added like in Ulysses, iA Writer or my favorite from free apps: Typora some people won't need other apps anymore. This is possibly the easiest way to edit text without any distractions. It should be an optional feature for enable in settings. I think there should be options to either import the markdown files created in other applications, not only creating them in Evernote. Please check this suggestions and add it if you can. Thank you in advance and have a good day!

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You should search the forums; there are other discussions requesting Markdown Support
Evernote has not indicated an interest in adding this feature, but there is an external untegrated product:   Marxico  https://marxi.co

Otherwise, I just switch to external editors when I need features not offered by the Evernote editor

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