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Clipper captures the wrong article


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Okay, so I can only confirm that this happens on both Mac and Windows, I cannot say if this happens on any browser or website. But particularly when I view an article in Pocket, and use the web clipper (most often happens with "Simplified Article" feature), there are a ton of bugs. The two most annoying ones are

1) When selecting Full Article or Simplified Article, Clipper previews the wrong article that will be sent to my Evernote. It typically previews the last article I clipped, forcing me to refresh the page.

2) When selecting clipper, almost every time will it fail to pop up on the first click, even though the web extension logo changes. I am forced to keep clicking it on and off until the window pops up that lets me click my options to clip that website/article/bookmark. This happens with other websites too, but mainly Pocket. Extremely annoying.

There are a ton of problems with the Web Clipper that need to be addressed, please please PLEASE address them soon. 

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Hi.  Clipper has always (AFAIR) been available to me on one click, and with occasional exceptions does exactly what I ask and expect. 

I'd suggest you contact Support to get some individual assistance with your OS and browsers.  'A ton' of issues is not exactly helpful in highlighting to the developers what needs fixing,  so a little more detail there might be helpful too.  In general terms,  I can only offer a suggestion that you check to make sure that you have the latest apps in all cases,  and maybe uninstall / reinstall where possible.  If your major issue is saving from Pocket to Evernote,  I believe there are some IFTTT scripts that will move data for you - I have used Pocket,  but don't recall Clipping from there to Evernote - I was 'sharing' from a mobile device.

The Support team is available on https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action if you're a paying customer,  Twitter - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps if not. 

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