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In-note search results should be counted & tracked



When you search for text within a note, all the found instances are highlighted, and you can step forward or back through them with the arrows. That's fine, but it would be much better if when you go to a given instance, it displayed "Item 7 of 24 found". Click the right arrow, and it would say "Item 8 of 24 found", and so on.

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Here's my use case:

I have a number of rather lengthy Evernotes assembled over years, made up of clips, links, explanations, and short notes to myself about various topics. They're not particularly well organized, but that's one of the nice things about Evernote—they don't have to be.

Within such a note, a given term may appear dozens of times. Some of these occurrences are about aspects of the term itself, while most of them are about other topics and simply happen to use the term. So when I go searching for a particular bit of information about the term, most of the hits will be basically irrelevant. It's a fairly lengthy process to go through them all.

Through repeated use, I may come to recall that the particular item I'm looking for is "about 60% of the way through the note." This helps, but what would really help is knowing that the item is "hit #17 of the search term". That's why I'd like to have this information available. (In fact, it would be great to be able to jump directly to hit #17!)

No, it won't change the world, but given that it would be fairly easy to implement, it would be a nice, useful enhancement.

Truly awesome would be a Table of Contents feature: define a "Table of Contents" text style. When you apply this style to a bit of text, it would appear in an auto-generated ToC at the top of the note (or a separate window). The table would show each appearance of the term, with a few words of context before and after it. Click on an occurrence to go to that position in the note.


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