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Reminder for navigation shortcut keys

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For some reason (other than old age!), I've had the hardest time learning the keyboard shortcut keys in the Evernote Windows program for moving among the Left Panel, the Note List , and the current note I'm editing. It's annoying to have to use the mouse for all that. I had all the information in a list-of-all-the-shortcuts note buried in a Using Evernote notebook that I'd created. But I wanted faster access.

So I created a note whose first line (and therefore title) was "TAB: Left<>Search<>List<>Title". In the body of the note, I expanded on this with some instructions:

Use the Tab key to move from Left Panel > Search Bar > Note List > Title field of current note.
Shift+Tab reverses direction. Tab from Title field moves to body of note.
Use Esc to move from body of note to Note List.

Then--and here comes the brilliant part--I dragged the note onto the shortcuts (which I keep in the toolbar at top). I massaged the note title till it was as above, which will completely display in the shortcuts. Now, whenever I forget, I can just glance at my toolbar, and there's the basic info as a shortcut: "TAB: Left<>Search<>List<>Title". If that proves too cryptic, I can always click on it and bring up the note.

Thank you, folks, thank you very much.

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