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Can't move a note to a shared notebook

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A Windows user shared a notebook with me. I can access the notebook in Evernote, but when I try to move one of my notes into it, I get a message that "only tags that are already in this notebook will be added to this note". I click "OK" and … nothing happens. The note stays where it is. Syncing doesn't help.

Evernote Mac 6.13.1, macOS 10.13.1

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Hi.  It is a fact that only the owner of the notebook can create the tags used in it.  If you remove tags from the note,  will it then move?  (You could duplicate the note for testing purposes)

Allowing users to suggest extra tags is one of the issues with shared notebooks.  The easiest way around it is to include keywords in the note or the title.

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OK, removing all the tags from the note allowed it to move. IMO this is lame and misleading. The message should at least say something like "Cannot move note because the destination notebook does not contain all its tags." Currently there is no hint that the note will not be moved.

Better would be a dialog that says "If you move this note to <notebook name>, the following tags will be removed: <list of tags>. Buttons should say "Move anyway" and "Cancel move".

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19 hours ago, RobLewis said:

removing all the tags from the note allowed it to move

You could try putting those tags back on once the note has moved - you'll get a warning if/ when you use tags that aren't already is use in that notebook.  You'd need to agree with the owner on some way to get around the tagging issue.  Agreed that the warning message you got could be significantly improved...

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