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evernote disappeared from my PC

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Hi I don't know if anyone can help. I have not uninstalled ever  note, but I can no longer find the program on my PC. There is an Icon, but no program, and when i click on the Icon for Ever note in my apps it says a newer version of Ever note is already running. There is no ever note program listed in my programs but whenever  I click on remain Icon it says a new version is running, but it is not. I didn't uninstall it so I am not sure what has happened. When I log into my ever note account in the cloud, the data is still there. 



How to best install ever note

do I just override the messages (if i can ) which say an later version is running?

More worryingly will I loose any of the data from the cloud

When I install a new version will I be able to sinc it to the data in the cloud.

Sorry to ask so many questions but I have been using for several years and a bit concerned the program has disappeared I would like to install again but don't want to loose the data.

Any ideas please- thanks very much

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First try rebooting your PC.  If that fails, uninstall evernote (use something like Revo Uninstaller to remove all the program components) and then download the current version from their webpage.  A reinstall does not effect your data on your PC.  After the reinstall, log in and hopefully all is back to where it was.  If not, post back here.

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